A Haven Called Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

For those who haven’t been into Annapolis Valley, I would love to share you a short memoir of what is known locally as the North and South Mountains. From the name of Annapolis River is where Annapolis Valley came from that flows west from the Caribou Bog in the central part of the valley and into the Annapolis Basin, and the Cornwallis River which flows east from Caribou Bog and into the Minas Basin. These two are the two major rivers wherein the valley itself has been circumvented.

It is located in the south-western area of Nova Scotia. As it is being cuddled between the South Mountain and the Bay of Fundy, it is the Nova Scotia‘s farming’s metropolis. Annapolis Valley is not just remarkable for its apple harvest but also for its perfect weather to enjoy golf, tennis, swimming and other sports! As you follow the Evangeline Trail, you will see that it winds through acres of apple orchards and fields of corn. And as you explore the coastal roads along the Bay of Fundy shoreline, you will see beautiful and magnificent lighthouses, or the high-reaching Acadian churches along the French shore.

Visit and feel the warmth welcome of Annapolis Valley as it offers you an abundance of excitement and its captivating experiences. Here are some tips that you might want to:

• Visit the breath taking Oaklawn Farm Zoo. It is the only zoo in Nova Scotia, located near Aylesford.
• Enjoy the beautiful valley nightlife with dancing, live theatre, rides and displays in various festivals.
• Taking a hike to see the striking landmark of Cape Split is not to be missed, or you will miss its wondrous beauty. Or just have a exciting trail ride!
• If you are an outdoor type of person, you can spend a weekend for an exciting camping, canoeing and a lot of adventures at the acclaimed Kejimikujik National Park.

You can do fishing and farming. From its beautiful scenery, history and heritage, museums, annual events and festivals, places to stay and places to eat, Annapolis Valley surely will become your favorite vacation spot!

Alesha Wilson writes for RockwellNutrition.com - leading natural health supplement website.

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