The Acadian Heritage Tour

Acadian Heritage Tour Guides, Annapolis Royal, NS

The Acadian Heritage Tour in Annapolis Royal is great for anyone who has Acadian heritage or interested in Acadian history. Heck, even if you know nothing about the Acadians but like to have fun then I recommend this tour. You will learn a lot about their culture partly by participating in Acadian dances and singing Acadian songs.


The Granville Ferry Ice Caves are an unusual natural phenomenon that was a popular tourist attraction during the 1920's and 30's in the area.

Glooscap was the Mi'Kmaq's legendary God-man who was responsible for creating life and many of the land formations found in the Maritimes.

Apple drying is a big part of our heritage. Ever since the earliest days in the Annapolis Valley apple trees did well and produced an abundance of sweet tasting fruit.

The Middleton Salmon Fisherman is a story about an exceptional person who was the topic of conversation for many years in the little town of Middleton.

On April 24, 1895 Joshua Slocum sailed out of Boston, Massachusetts on a 3 year voyage around the world in his worthy sea craft “The Spray”.

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