The Berwick Gala Days are held for three days every year. They used to be held during the Labour Day Weekend, but were moved back to Mid-August in 2012.
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They are sponsored by a volunteer committee along with help from the town's Recreation Department. The festival attracts approximately 7,000 people annually to the Rainforth Park.

The first Gala Days was held on September 2, 1945. It was held on one day by the Berwick Amateur Athletic Association as a way to raise money to make improvements at Rainforth Park. They held several events including a street parade, a tug of war, horse pulls, a street dance, suppers, woman's softball and men's baseball.

This festival went over so good that it was continued, every year getting bigger and bigger. In later years there were so many events planned it went to a three day event. It is still a three day event however there are some events planned for the week before the actual festival.

Schedule of Events

Here is the schedule of events from 2011 for the Berwick Gala Days. I am going to use their schedule as most of the events are annual events and will most likely be held again on the same days.

Please check for an up-dated schedule of events each year closer to the celebrations to get times and locations and any changed events.

Week Before

Sunday - 2:00 pm - Dessert Contest - Berwick Fire Hall
Wednesday - 6:30pm - Family Scavenger Hunt - Town Hall
Thursday - 7:30pm - Wrestling - Kings Mutual Central Century Center


12:00pm - Royal Party Luncheon - Lions Hall
6:00pm - Community Dinner - Lions Hall
7:30pm - Much Music Video Dance


12:00pm - Carnival
7:30am - Masonic Breakfast - Masonic Hall
11:00am - Children's Parade - Town Hall
12:30pm - Amazing Race Family & Friends Challenge - Centennial Park
1:00pm - Fire Dept. Bingo - Grounds
1:00pm - ATV Competition - Riding Ring
1:00pm - Family Games & Silent Auction
1:30pm - Princess Tea - Lions Hall
2:00pm - Pet Show - Grounds
3:00pm - Strongman Competition - Grounds
5:00pm - Modified Lawn Tractor & ATV Pull - Grounds
9:00pm - Adult Dance - Kings Mutual Century Center
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12:00pm - Carnival
9:00am - Annual Road Race - Centennial Park
10:00am - Livestock Show - Grounds
10:00am - Antique Car Show - Grounds
10:00am - Craft Gala - Lions Hall, Kings Mutual Century Centre
11:00am - Church Service - United Church
11:30am - Ringette Pork BBQ - Old Berwick
12:00pm - Ox Pulls - Grounds
2:00pm - Royal Party Meet & Greet - Centennial Park
2:00pm - Fire Dept. Bingo - Grounds
2:00pm - Celebrity Pie Eating Contest "The Big Apple" followed by the Children's Pie Eating Contest - Grounds
3:30pm - Blue Grass and Luncheon - KMCC
4:00pm - Kids' Tractor Pull - Tennis Courts
4:30pm - Tug of War - Grounds
9:00pm - Fireworks - Grand View Manor


12:00pm - Carnival - Grounds
9:00am - Open Horse Show - Riding Ring
9:00am - 3km Youth Fun Run - Centennial Park
11:00am - Grand Street Parade - Starts at Grand View Manor & Ends at Berwick Legion

As you can see there is lots to see and do during the Berwick Gala Days celebrations. Again the volunteers who work so hard at all our many Community Festivals really deserve applause. One of the best ways to thank them is by going out and participating in as much as you can and help make every event a big success.

For this years schedule of events and dates check out the Town of Berwick website.

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