Caution Clarence Cliff

Please be aware that a nasty man traps and snares coyotes and bobcats along the route to Clarence Cliff.

I own property nearby and have asked him to remove his traps and was told "No." He refuses and does not care about anyone else's well being. Some traps are unmarked and in the main trails and roads.

I personally do not geocache but I have met some nice people who were happy to make the hike and I would feel awful if I heard that someone got hurt in a snare or trap. So please take this as a warning and tell everyone about this nasty man. Replies:

This is horrible that someone might set traps on trails used by people, or on other people's land. There was no name sent with this submission and I have no proof this is true, but in case I thought I should publish this warning to my site.

I find it hard to believe but if it is true then I really hope something was done about this. But just in case let this be a warning to all, geocachers and hikers to use caution when following the trails.

Stay on the trail, do not stray off, especially in to bushes and shrubs.

Always obtain permission to use any trail that crosses over private land.

Especially if you travel alone - Always make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you expect to be back.

I am not certain where this trail is, but it must be used for geocaching. Please take care on this and any trail.

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Mar 26, 2012
Re: Clarence Cliff
by: Anonymous

This trail is off Arlington Road, Mount Rose, Annapolis County.

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