The Wolfville Mud Creek Days is a week long festival held in Wolfville, Nova Scotia that celebrates mud! Yes, mud!
Lots of mud for the Wolfville Mud Creek Days, Wolfville Annapolis Valley

The Minas Basin is an inlet of the Bay of Fundy and is known for its extremely high tides. The waters of the Minas Basin exchange with the main part of the Bay of Fundy through the Minas Channel which creates extremely strong tidal currants. At mid-tide, the water passing through the Minas Channel equals the combined flow of all the rivers and streams on Earth together.

This flow of water carries tons of suspended silt, or mud. The waters of the Minas Basin are brown due to this slit. The silt is deposited on the banks of the basin and mostly left behind on the out-going tide.

This is true in the Wolfville area, in fact Wolfville was first called Mud Creek due to the mud. Does this bother the residents of Wolfville? No, instead they celebrate it with their Mud Creek Days Festival!

The Mud Creek Days Festival

Like other festivals there are numerous events going on all week, but this festival tends to have a few different events going on.

The first one that is one of the more popular events is the Chocolate Mud Dessert Contest! Bakers from all over come up with chocolate cake and dessert recipes and prepare them hoping that theirs is the best in show! Oh what a delicious event to attend, I can just taste all those yummy chocolate desserts.

The second event that really celebrates the mud is the Mud Creek Sports Challenge held at Willow Park. Event planners come up with several fun and muddy sports for teams to compete in. Oh, and did I mention you compete in these sports in the mud? These games are not only very funny to watch but a real blast to compete in. And it is all for a good cause as any money raised at this event goes to help local youth organizations.

You won't want to miss out on the RBC Mud Creek Days Talent Show held at the Al Whittle Theatre.

Another very tasty event to try is the Taste of The Valley competition held at the Wolfville Farmers Market. In this competition there are usually over 20 chefs who use Annapolis Valley farmed ingredients in their dishes. Believe me when I say this is one event you may want to take in.

There are also several food events including special dinners, lunches and teas. Don’t forget about the Lions Club pancake breakfast. I hear there is also a family kitchen garden party held during the week.

Wolfville is known as the cultural centre of the Annapolis Valley and shows during this week. There are many concerts, readings, theatrical shows and art exhibits going on all week.

For sports events they hold a soccer skills competition; a skateboard jamboree and the Mud Creek Tennis Tournament plus other sports. The annual Nova Scotia RONA MS Bike Tour - Vineyards & Valleys is also happening at this time and is included in their schedule of events.

There are kids games and fun activities for the whole family all week long. It all wraps up with a spectacular fireworks display at the Waterfront Park.

For more information on this week of good old-fashioned hometown fun visit the Town of Wolfville website.

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