A Little History of the Festival

The Digby Scallop Days was started back in 1975. The Digby Scallop fleet is world known for the delicious sweet scallops they harvest every year from the Bay of Fundy and area. They wanted a celebration to celebrate this good fortune, so the Scallop Festival was started.
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But even earlier than that Digby use to have another festival held in early August.

In 1911 the Mayor of Digby, Harry Short; the editor of the Digby Courier, O. S. Dunham and Captain Howard Anderson, the Superintendant of Maritime Fish Corporation's Digby Plant got together and organized the first Digby Fishermen's Regatta. For the Regatta they held canoe and boat races and sport events.

The third Regatta was held on August 19, 1913 and both Water Street and Montague Row were all decorated with flags, banners and bunting. Sirens, bells and even fog horns all were going off adding to the celebrations.
The Digby Scallop Days in the Annapolis Valley Has Lots of Entertainment for Everyone
People came from as far away as Yarmouth and Middleton, and travelled by train, car, boat and even walked to partake in the festivities. There were also over 100 guides who pitched tents on Battery Point to take part in the Nova Scotia Guides Association competitions.

The day started with a 3 hour motorized fishing boat race from Tiverton to Digby. Other activities included dory races; power boat competitions for speed and noise; log burling; single & double canoe races; tub races; canoe filling and canoe rescue. Land events included fly casting, distance and accuracy; rifle & trap shooting, log chopping, kettle boiling, moose calling and story telling.

It was a great time, just like today's Digby Scallop Days is full of interesting events.
Also Lots of Challenges and Demonstrations at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley

History of the Scallop Industry

Scallops are marine Mollusks (phylum Mollusca) from the class Pelecypoda and family Pectindae. They are bivalves with two hard shells, (or valves) and a soft body. The shells are opened and closed by a single large muscle, the adductor muscle. This muscle is the meat of the scallop and the only part that is eaten.

There are many species of scallops, but the ones harvested by the Digby scallop fleet are sea scallops. These sea scallops are only found in the northwest Atlantic Ocean from Cape Hatteras north to Labrador.

the sea scallops are found in groups, or beds. The larger beds are found off-shore and in the Bay of Fundy along the Nova Scotia coast. The Digby beds have been thought to be self sustaining since the 1920's and until recently most of the harvest has come from the inshore areas.

Digby fishermen J.W. Hayden, Roland Wormell and Arch Amero were the first ones to harvest the Digby scallops in the 1920's. Back then they fished from a 36' sloop. Today there are 99 licensed scallop fishermen in this area and they fish out of 45' to 65' vessels. The sweet meat from these sea scallops are sought after world wide and has become a large industry.
There is Always a Great Parade at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley

Digby Scallop Days Events

Now you have learned a little of the history of the festival and the industry, lets hear about the festival.

The Digby Scallop Days are usually held during the first week of August from Thursday to Sunday. Recently I see some events have been scheduled for Wednesday evening also. It is a busy four days with plenty going on for the whole family to enjoy. A few years ago the committee started bringing in buskers to perform at different locations throughout the weekend. This has gone over very well and each year sees more and more buskers coming aboard.
Lots of Food and Expecially Seafood at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley

I have noticed the schedule of events has changed over the last few years, so then rather try to give you timings and days I am just going to list the types of events that usually go on. You will have to check for updated schedule of events which are available in the local papers or at the Information Centers.

  • Skip Bo Tournament
  • Pet Fashion Show
  • Blueberry Grunt
  • Kite flying Contest
  • Tideview Tea
  • Bike Rodeo
  • Seaside Ramble
  • Opening Ceremonies
The Children Love the Great Play Area at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley

  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Firefighter's Challenge
  • Plenty of Vendors
  • Scallop Shell Skipping
  • Queen's Coronation Celebration
  • Haunted History Walk
  • Scallop Days Dance
  • Karaoke
  • Buskers
  • Highland Dancers
  • Concerts
  • Recycle Raft Race
  • Mainstream Wrestling

Don't Miss the Vintage Car Show at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley
  • 5km Fun Run
  • Scallop Skills Competitions
  • Department of Fisheries & Oceans Display
  • Children's Parade
  • Scallop Net Knitting Contest
  • 4 On 4 Ball Hockey Tournaments
  • Sail Past
  • 18th Century Cooking Demonstrations
  • Feed Your Family For A Toonie
  • Grand Street Parade
  • Bucket Brigade
  • Bingo
  • Teen Dance
  • Entertainment
  • Digby Fire Dept. Hose Laying Contest

Many Young Women Compete For The Princess Pagent at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley

  • Open Air Church Service
  • Waterfront Contest
  • Woodsmen Competitions
  • Farmer's Market
  • Show & Shine Car Show
  • Scallop Days Junior Invitational Golf Tournament
  • Scallop Shucking Contest
  • Lobster Crate Race
  • Scallop Shell Painting Contest
  • Barrel Roll
  • Clowns, Balloons, Face Painting, Inflatable’s
  • Ceremony of the Flags & Sunset Ceremonies
  • Fireworks


That is quite a list of events. Some of them sound like a lot of fun don't they, especially to watch.

Of Course There Are Always Lots of Scallops at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley
As I mentioned above there are several areas set up during the Scallop Days for the Buskers to perform their crafts. Just some of the Busker Arts you will have a chance to see will be Jugglers; Contortionists; Fire Eaters; Hoola Hoop Artist; Dancers; Unicycle Queen; Gymnasts; Basketball Juggler; and Balloon Artist.

So if you are in the area during the first week of August make sure you stop into Digby and take part in the Digby Scallop Days activities. to check out what events they have planned for this year check out the Digby Scallop Days website.
Competitions Include Scallop Shucking at the Digby Scallop Days, Annapolis Valley


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