The West Kings Community Fair is a celebration and promotion of agriculture. They strive to get people to think about and support local farmers.

A large group of volunteers works year after year to pull off one of the best little community fairs in the Annapolis Valley.

The tiny village of Tremont is located in Kings County south of Greenwood. To get to the Tremont World’s Fair, take the road across from Avery’s in Greenwood and follow it to the crossroads where parking attendants will guide you to one of several parking lots.

The fair has been going for about 75 years now and it is still going strong today. It is also known as the Tremont World’s Fair. People come from far and wide and set up their trailers to stay for the whole fair. This Community Fair is always held during the Labour Day weekend at the Tremont Exhibition Grounds.

At one time the West Kings Community Fair used to be held on the base at Greenwood under a big tent. School children used to enter the competitive events. Today there are still lots of kids involved but individually, not through the schools.

The day's events start off with the cattle judging. The horse and ox pulls are the most popular events, sometimes having as many entries as the Annapolis Valley Exhibition has. If it is a nice day the whole hillside is full of spectators watching those magnificent beasts pull their hearts out.

All day long there are light horse classes going on. These include both Western and English riders competing in Showmanship; Walk/Trot; Pleasure; Equitation; Road Hack; Hunter Hack and Command Class. Games for the horse classes include the Egg & Spoon Race; Barrels; Down & Back Race; Pole Bending and the Key Hole Race.

Always a fun event for the ladies and the spectators is the Ladies Horse Pull. These ladies can give some of the men big competition.

They also hold a ladies’ and men's cross cut competition at the West Kings Community Fair which is always fun to watch.

If you are feeling lucky you can take a chance at guessing the weight of the steer. The winner is announced later in the day and prizes can be won.

All day long there is the Bounce Kingdom, games, and more for the kids. Don't forget about the children and pet parades!

The morning starts off with a pancake breakfast down at the little church. The cost is a freewill offering. There is a special dinner and supper which can be purchased or you can buy food at the concession stands. In case of rain there is an enclosed area with tables and chairs where visitors can stay dry.

While at the West Kings Community Fair make sure to look in on the arts and crafts competition and display. There is really some wonderful talent in the area and this is the time for them to show you what they can do.

Next to that is the fruit and vegetable competition and display. Another great show to take in and see how good the produce from these local farms look and taste.

All day long and into the evening there is live entertainment going for your enjoyment.

The West Kings Community Fair is one community festival worth taking in. Keep watch in local papers and events calendars on line for this years line up of events.

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