CORA in New Minas

by deborah
(new to nova scotia)

A little further down the valley is a wonderful "experience" to try for breakfast. CORA located at 9049 Commercial Street in New Minas.

When asked recently what it was like, I had to say "it's an experience." If you are looking for something healthy and good for breakfast, Cora is the place for you.

They are a chain that started in Quebec to give people a whole new experience for breakfast. Just seeing the food served is a sight to behold. Every plate has some sort of fruit assortment, and no not just the every day fruit, you will experience things you may not have tried before ... star fruit, melons, berries of all kinds ... bananas apples ... all devinely displayed.

My breakfast companion had never been there before and was delighted with how other people's meals looked. They have a fresh fruit cocktail each day, squeezed fresh, it's worth a try. My favorite is three buckwheat crepes, rolled around sausage and cheese with a mound of exotic fruit.

They have everything ..their coffee is wonderful too. Cora also serve lunch but I have never been there for lunch,

I've eaten at Cora in Quebec many times, in Ontario also many times and this was my first visit here, but I'll come again and again... There are not many breakfast places in the valley and this one is very much worth the trip.

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