Margaretsville Days is a three-day event taking place on the civic holiday weekend the first of August.
Looking up the Beach at the Lightouse at Margaretsville, Nova Scotia
It is a celebration of local talent and culture that was started about 1990 as an art show and has grown every year.

The little village of Margaretsville is located north of Kingston on the Bay of Fundy off the Stronach Mountain Road. With its natural beauty and quaint way of life it has been an artist haven for many years now.

Just up the road is the Evergreen Theatre which showcases many fine live performances every year. Both of these facts guarantee a fantastic weekend of arts and culture mixed in with other fun activities. You are welcome to come chill out by the Bay with good food and great music.

Traditionally the weekend starts off with a evening of local music sensations the Tidal Funk Orchestra at the Evergreen Theatre. Tidal Funk is a collective of musicians from the area who get together every summer to play their unique repertoire of blues, jazz, rock, and the elusive funk. All proceeds from this show go to support programming at the theatre.

Saturday morning is the time for the annual children's parade. The children register early and line up at the Fire Hall. From here the parade circles around town a couple of times and ends up back at the Fire Hall.
Looking at Some of the Village Buildings at Margaretsville, Nova Scotia
All day Saturday the local residents set up tables on their lawns for their annual Yard Sales. It is amazing what you can find at these sales, and the good buys you will get.

The community puts on great suppers for this event like their Hodge Podge Supper at Forest Glade Hall, an all-time maritime favorite meal. Or they may hold a fantastic tasting sea scallop dinner made with World Famous Bay of Fundy sea scallops. You won't want to miss their popular Ice Cream Parlour set up on Sunday!

Also on Sunday is the Margaretsville Lighthouse Bike Rally starting from the Margaretsville Community Hall. Cyclists can choose a short 17-kilometer route from Margaretsville east around the square to Stronach Mountain Road down the mountain and returning by Ben Phinney Road; or the longer 24-kilometer route from Margaretsville west to Moshers Corner, down Gates Mountain to Highway 362, returning to Margaretsville by Highway 362.

All throughout the weekend there are several concerts and art exhibits around the whole community. As these probably change every year make sure to check on the schedule of events to see who is playing.

Check local papers and calendar of events for dates, times and musicians for this years Margaretsville Days.

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