Welcome to my Contact Page for my site On this page you will find a place to leave your comments and suggestions about my web site, plus a spot for you to let me know about any events you would like added to my site.
Boats at the Annapolis Causeway, Annapolis Valley
My name is Belinda Atwell and I was born in Annapolis Royal and have lived there most of my life. If you would like to learn more about me please visit my "about me page".

I love everything about the Annapolis Valley, there is just so much here. It has always been my dream to find some way to help promote the area so when I had the chance to make a web site I knew just what I wanted to do it on. This site has given me the chance to share with you my knowledge and experiences in the Annapolis Valley. There is just so much here it is almost impossible to find it all yourself. That is why I need you! I need your input, your comments, suggestions, corrections and knowledge!


I work hard on providing you as much correct information as I can on the Annapolis Valley and Bay of Fundy Shore. But I do make mistakes sometimes. These mistakes may be a typo or spelling mistake (I use autocorrect but even with that some mistakes get by) or it may be some out-dated or incorrect information. I would really appreciate it if someone would take the time to point out my mistakes to me so I may correct them. If you would like to send me any corrections you have found on the site then you can send me an email by clicking here.


When I first started this website I tried to list every event I could find happening in the Annapolis Valley area. This proved to be a very hard, time consuming job and took up almost all of my time. There are other websites who provide great up-to-date calendars of what is happening every day, week or month. For my website I have decided to concertrate on the annual events that happen every year and give a bit more of a description on these events. When possible I attend as many of these events myself and provide pictures and a example schedule of events. If you have an event you would like included on the site then you can send me an email with the information by clicking here.

When sending me information about your event please send the information as early as possible so I will have a chance to get it written up and up-loaded. The more information you can send me now, the faster I can get your event listed and advertised for you. Don't forget to send me the name of the event, the date and time and where the event is going to be held. (It is surprising how many submissions I receive that does not have all of this information included.) If possible for festivals etc. please send me a schedule of events, or at the least a list of what events is to be expected to be going on. I promise your email address is safe with me, I will only use it to reply to confirm or to ask any questions I have.

If you have a "One of a kind" event you would like mentioned you may send a message to my Annapolis Valley Vacation Facebook Page I will try to get it listed on there.

Please remember I do not have anything to do with any of the events, festivals, museums or attractions mentioned on the site. I just write about them to provide you with a central location to plan your vacation here.


Sometimes a person just wants to make a comment about a website or webpage they have been looking at, good or bad. I welcome these comments. I always appreciate good comments, these make the work I am doing seem worth it. However bad comments are also useful. I like to refer to these are constructive critisim. I do not take offense to most of these comments but rather take a good look at them and see if there is something I could have done better and try to learn from them. If you have a comment (good or bad) about my work on this website please let me know byt using my comment email address.


Last of all if you have any questions about anything on my web site or the work I am doing with it please send your question to my email address for questions.

I respect your privacy and I give you my word that I only use your email address to respond back to your request and comments. I will never give out your email address to anyone else. I read all my email and will answer you as soon as I can.

Thank you for looking at my website, this contact page and for sending me your comments!