Do you enjoy having fun?

Then you will enjoy the many Annapolis events going on in the Annapolis Valley area all year long. There are so many different celebrations happening, you are sure to find something that interest you.
Air Cadets Announce The Start of the SunSet Ceremony, Annapolis Royal

We have festivals, dinners, Natal Days, sports events, concerts, exhibitions, art & cultural events, flower shows and a Wharf Rat Rally, just to name a few.

My events pages are set up to give you a guideline as to what events / festivals you can expect to find happening around the Annapolis Valley each year.

As there are so many Annapolis events going on through out the year, (with more being added every year) I have a very hard time to keep up with them all. On here I am going to provide you with a general list of the annual events and festivals. Included in this list is an approximate date it is held every year and where.

When looking through the list if you see something that interest you then just click on the heading and you will be taken to a page providing more information about the event or festival.

After reading more about the event / festival you decide you would really like to go to it then in most cases at the bottom of that page I will provide a link to the actual website where you may find out the dates, times and hopefully a schedule of events.

In some cases there is not very much information that I could find about the event or festival so I have written what I do know on the Annapolis events pages. You will know these as their headings will be black.

I realize this is a very different format than most event calendars but where I cover the whole Annapolis Valley and adjoining Bay of Fundy area there are just way to many things going on to have a normal events calendar. I hope this way proves to be an easy way for you to see what all goes on every year here in the Annapolis Valley area.

AAgain, because there are so many I have broken up the list into three categories - Spring Events; Summer Events; Fall Events.

As mentioned these are all annual events that are held very similar every year. If you want to find out about one time events there are very good event calendars available both on line and in the local papers. One that I recommend especially for arts & cultural events happening in the valley is Valley Events, Your Online Guide to Valley Entertainment.

I also have a Facebook page for the Annapolis Valley that you may find interesting. I up-date this page pretty much daily and try to post about any events I know of going on each week. I also cover any important news happening in the Annapolis Valley concerning visitors to our area.

Plus I regularly up-load many pictures and old postcards of our area. People, especially ones who have moved away love these as it brings the valley back to them.

You may access my Annapolis Valley Facebook Page by clicking clicking here.

If your group or organization has an Annapolis event you would like added to this event calendar or my Annapolis Valley Facebook page you may contact me through my Contact Page.

The Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch is one of the first Annapolis Valley Spring Events

Annapolis Valley Spring Events

My Annapolis Valley Spring Events Calendar gives you a list of all the annual Annapolis Events happening from the first of January until the end of June.

Starting in January and February we hold many unique festivals like the Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch, the Ice Wine Festival, Winter Carnivals and Heritage Days. March and April see the beginning of Community Suppers and Sports events. May and June is when the valley really starts to come alive with many facilities opening up for the season. The weather is great for outside events to be held at this time also.

Make sure to check out this page to see all the great events and festivals being held at this time of the year by clicking on the title above.
Parades are popular during the summertime Annapolis Events

Annapolis Valley Summer Events

My Annapolis Valley Summer Events page covers all annual Annapolis events happening in July and August.

Summer is always a very busy time here in the Annapolis Valley area. It all starts off with Canada Day celebrations being held in every town and village throughout the valley. Then right through the months of July and August there are community fairs and celebrations going on every weekend somewhere in the valley. There are Musical events and Sports events also happening at this time plus lots of arts and cultural events. Starting in August you will find the county exhibitions will start to go on.

The nice thing about our area is no matter where an Annapolis event is going on, it is not a very long drive to get there. See what events are going on during July and August on this page by clicking on the title above.
Annapolis Valley Events include many harvest and pumpkin festivals in the fall

Annapolis Valley Fall Events

My Annapolis Valley Fall Events page include all the annual Annapolis events happening from the first of September through to the end of December.

This time starts off with one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in eastern Canada going on in Digby during the Labour Day weekend. Then it is time for fall harvest festivals and the huge Pumpkin Festival held in the whole eastern part of the valley. After that there are many craft sales and other holiday events going on right up until Christmas.

Check out all these great fall events on this page by clicking on the title above.
Carolers at Annapolis Royal's Christmas Celebrations
I would like to mention here a bit about our volunteers we have here in the Annapolis Valley. While you go out and enjoy all these special events remember that about 90-95% of the preparation and work is done by volunteers. Their work is not just on that day, weekend, or week, but all year making arrangements to pull it all together.

I have worked on several of these committees personally and know how much work a small amount of people do at these events and festivals. Thank goodness we have such a strong volunteer community here, but to help keep it this way, remember to take a few minutes to personally thank these dedicated workers when you can.

There are a few Annapolis events that are on-going that have not been listed in these events pages. These events go on weekly either all year long or for certain months of the year.

Jam Sessions

My brother John at at Guitar Jam in the Annapolis Valley

The first ones I want to mention are the Jam Sessions that are held each week in the little community halls and other facilities.

Jam sessions are a great way to spend an evening no matter if you play an instrument, like to sing or just like to sit back and enjoy good music. They are like mini music festivals held every week. Everyone is welcome to come and bring their instruments, singing voice or their listening ears.

The admission is usually very minimal and lots of time this will include a lunch. Check out the ones going on in your area.

Farmers Markets

Crowds at the Annapolis Royal Farmer's Market

I also want to point out the many Farmers Markets we have in the Annapolis Valley.

A farmer's market has been part of our tradition for a long time. With so many local farms this gives the farmers a chance to offer their produce to the local people. People flock to these markets every week to find the freshest produce, great prices and great selection.

They have also become quite the social event as all your neighbours will be there. It is also a great chance for visitors to our area to find about our cultural through the items offered for sale, the people there along with other activities going on.