How do you visit Annapolis Valley? The answer is very simple.

The Annapolis Valley is located in the western part of the Nova Scotia peninsula. The valley starts at the Minas Basin, Wolfville, and travels approximately 150 km to the Annapolis Basin, Digby. It expands through three counties - Kings, Annapolis and Digby and is surrounded on two sides by the North and South Mountains.

There are several ways to visit Annapolis Valley. Depending on how you prefer to travel, and which direction you are coming from, you may come by highway, air or by sea. You just have to pick the best way that works for you.

If you are arriving in Nova Scotia without your car and need a lift into the valley Kathleen's Shuttle's Service is available from the Halifax airport, Yarmouth and the Digby Ferries. Jump on one of the scheduled runs or call to set up an unscheduled run. Her prices are very reasonable and she will be happy to tell you a little about the area on the way. To contact Kathleen for schedule and prices call  902-834-2024 .

Here I will tell you about the different choices and a little bit about them. I have even included links to some of the most popular ways for your convenience.

Across The Water

Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded by water, nowhere are you more than 67 km (40 mi) from the ocean. The only connection to the mainland is by way of the Isthmus of Chignecto, near Amherst where Nova Scotia connects to it's neighbor, New Brunswick. Therefore many people reach the province by traveling across the water on one of our many ferry systems.

The Cat - Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

The "Cat" is back! Yes after a few painful years without a ferry service between Nova Scotia and the United States they decided to bring back the Cat.

This high speed ferry travels between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia making the trip in just 5.5 hours. Your trip across the water will be made comfortably aboard this modern ferry with plenty of onboard amenities including great food, onboard entertainment, movies, gift shops, play area and comfortable lounges. When the weather is good make sure you take a stroll outside on the deck, you might even see some sea animals swimming along side.

Their knowledgable staff and crew are there to make your voyage as good as it can be and they would love to answer any questions you have on either your voyage or your destination. Make sure to check out their web site for information on booking your trip on the "Cat Ferry".

The Fundy Rose - Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia

The Fundy Rose Ferry as she Enters the Digby Basin

One way to visit Annapolis Valley by way of a ferry is on the Fundy Rose Ferry, traveling between Saint John, New Brunswick and Digby, Nova Scotia.

This ferry runs daily and takes just three hours to cross the Bay of Fundy. It saves you approximately ten hours of driving time and again allows you to relax and enjoy the crossing.

There are many activities to take in while on board including a movie, children's play area, gift shops, lounge and restaurant. If it is a fine day I recommend strolling the deck and keeping an eye out for the various marine life found in the Bay including dolphins and the endangered right whale.

Advance reservations are recommended. Check out their web site for up-to-date schedules, pricing and reservations.

Once you drive off the Fundy Rose at the Digby Terminal you are only a short distance from Digby, the Digby Neck Islands and many other locations throughout the Annapolis Valley.

Northumberland Ferries - Wood Island, PEI and Caribou, NS

If you decide to visit our neighbor, Prince Edward Island first before you head to visit Annapolis Valley then you will be happy to know about the Ferry service between Wood Island, PEI and Caribou, NS. They have up to 9 departures a day upon two different Ferries, the MV Confederation and the MV Holiday Island. The trip across the Northumberland Strait only takes 45 minutes.

Once you land at the Caribou Terminal follow Trans Canada Highway #106 until the junction with Trans Canada Highway #104. Take the Trans Canada #104 towards Truro where you will junction off onto the Trans Canada Highway #102. The Trans Canada #102 will take you towards Halifax. Just before Halifax keep watch for the junction onto Trans Canada Highway #101 which will bring you right down through the Annapolis Valley. For more information about the Prince Edward Island / Nova Scotia Ferry you may visit the Northumberland Ferries Web Site.
The Northumberland Ferry System to Prince Edward Island

Check out this YouTube video on the  Bay of Fundy Travel Show #10 Aboard the Fundy Ferry.

Marine Atlantic Ferries

There is also a ferry service from our neighbor northeast of us, Newfoundland provided by Marine Atlantic. This is handy to know if you visit Newfoundland before you visit Annapolis Valley.They run three passenger ferries, the MV Caribou, MV Joseph and Clara Smallwood, and the MV Leif Ericson running from either Argentia or Port aux Basques, NFLD into North Sydney, NS.

You may view their schedule and rates by checking out the Marine Atlantic Web Site.

Upon landing in North Sydney take the Trans Canada Highway #105 down through Cape Breton and across the Canso Causeway where the highway becomes the Trans Canada Highway #104. Keep on the Trans Canada #104 towards Truro where you will junction off onto the Trans Canada Highway #102. The Trans Canada #102 will take you towards Halifax. Just before Halifax keep watch for the junction onto Trans Canada Highway #101 which will bring you right down through the Annapolis Valley.

Travel By Air

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Located just a few miles from Halifax, the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport is the hub for all domestic, regional and international flights for Atlantic Canada. There are flights landing here from all of the major Canadian cities plus all major cities in the United States through connecting hubs at Boston and Newark. Also through a connecting hub at London flights to Halifax International Airport are available from major European cities.

From in the Airport Terminal you will have easy access to car-rentals, limousine service, buses and a shuttle to motels or to the city of Halifax. You may visit Annapolis Valley from the airport by renting a car at the many car rentals found at the airport.

For more information on flight schedules, rates and reservations check out the web site for the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport.

Travel By Highway

Nova Scotia boost a very good Trans Canada 100 series highway system. This highway system provides easy access to all points throughout Nova Scotia, including your plans to visit Annapolis Valley.
Lupins are just one of the beautiful sights when you visit Annapolis Valley

Traveling from New Brunswick you will enter Nova Scotia through the Isthmus of Chignecto where you will find yourself on Trans Canada Highway #104. The first place you will come to is the Nova Scotia Tourist Information Center at exit #1. Exit #3 will take you to the first town you come to which is Amherst. From the boarder it is 98.6 km (61.3 miles) to exit #15, which is the junction to Trans Canada Highway #102 south towards Truro and Halifax.

Highway #102 is a divided 4-lane freeway traveling between Truro and Halifax. It is on this highway you pass by the exit for the Halifax International Airport in Enfield. From your starting point it is 100 km (62 miles) on highway #102 until exit 4A/B which is the junction for Trans Canada highway #101 to the Annapolis Valley.

Trans Canada highway #101 is an east-west highway that runs from Bedford to Yarmouth, via the Annapolis Valley. It is approximately 68 Km to Wolfville, exit #11 and the start of the Annapolis Valley.

Travel By Rail

Yes you may still visit Nova Scotia by train. Via rail offers it's passenger service train "The Ocean" six times a week each way from Montreal to Halifax. This is a night train which covers hundreds of kilometres while you sleep. You leave Montreal in the evening and arrive at Halifax around mid-afternoon.

Right from the train station in Halifax you may either rent a car to visit Annapolis Valley. For more information or to book your train trip visit the web site for VIA Rail.
Visit the VIA Rail Web Site for Information and Reservations.

Kings Transit Bus Service

Kings Transit Authority is a public transit system operating in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada. Started in 1981 the service covered the towns of Berwick, Kentville and Wolfville. Today the Kings Transit travels right through the valley and down to Weymouth. They have several runs a day up and down the valley for your convenience and stops at local attractions like Upper Clements Park.

Kings Transit also offers a Low Flow Bus which features no steps, a floor that lowers down to the curb and is wheelchair accessible.

Check out their bus schedule at The Kings Transit Web Site.

Hopefully this will assist you for when you make your plans to visit Annapolis Valley. Why wait, make your plans today. I know you will have a great time here.