Fishing Charters From
Annapolis Valley Area

A Fishing Boat Tied Up At Centreville, Digby Neck, Nova Scotia

Fishing charters have always been popular in Nova Scotia. People have come here for both the fresh water fishing and for the deep sea fishing experience. 


The Annapolis Royal Walking Tour will take you back in time to a day when Annapolis Royal was a garrison town, the capital of Acadia, and a very prosperous shipping port.

The Balancing Rock Trail is a well-groomed 2.4 km trail through scrub land and soft wood forest. It leads to one of our mystifying natural wonders. The balancing rock really has to be seen to be believed.

The Roxbury Road Trail is 7 km long and is great for walking-hiking and mountain biking. The trail is owned by the Dept. of Transportation and is open year round.

The Lockhart Ryan Memorial Park has quite a large system of multi-use trails which are great for walking-hiking, mountain biking and cross country skiing. 

The Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail is owned and maintained by Bowater Mersey Paper Co., Ltd. There are three trails; the Picnic Trail, The Beach Trail and the Ski Trail for a total length of 5.6 km.

You can find several Digby Island Trails on both Long & Brier Islands, Nova Scotia. All are great walking trails and offer breath taking scenery.

The French Basin Trail is 1.2 km long as it follows around the perimeter of the Ducks Unlimited pond. The trail is great for walking - hiking, snow shoeing and mountain biking. 

The 1.7 km Miners Marsh Trail is a great relaxing walking trail that is located on Ducks Unlimited land minutes from downtown Kentville, NS.

The Belleisle Marsh Trail travels over protected marsh and water fowl land. The trail is great for walking - hiking and mountain biking. The total distance of the loop is 8.2 km.

The Gaspereau River Trail is located by White Rock, Kings County.  This is a walking /hiking or snowshoeing trail along the Gaspereau River.

The Old Mill Trail is owned by the Municipality of the County of Annapolis. This is their newest trail opened on August 26, 2000. It is fully wheelchair accessible.

The Digby Admiral Walk follows along the beautiful waterfront through the historic town of Digby. This is a great walk for early in the morning to behold fantastic sunrises.

The Middleton Self Guided Tour will guide you through the streets of Middleton, Nova Scotia pointing out several buildings and sites of interest.

The Kentville Ravine Trail is 4.3 km long leading through the ravine and is great for walking-hiking. It is owned by Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada and is open all year long. 

The Bridgetown Historic Cyprus Walk is a 90 minute, 3.5 km self-guided tour which covers many interesting features of historic Bridgetown, NS.

The Cape Blomidon Provincial Park provide 12.8 km (18 mi) of very scenic trails. The four main trails criss-cross over the area of the park and each one gives the hikers lots of fantastic scenery.

The Delap's Cove Wilderness Trails are owned by the Municipality of Annapolis County and include two trails joined by a woods road. A lot of the trails are located along the Bay of Fundy Shore.

The Acadia Trail is Digby countie's newest trail and is a great trail for walking - hiking.  The trail starts at the parking lot beside Pine Brook and follows the brook upstream. It features several loops depending on how far you want to go.

The Woodville Hiking Trails in Kings County are approximately 10 km long over Crown Land. They are made up from old intersecting log roads which the community have separated and marked to make up six distinct trails.

The Belliveau Cove Park is also known as the Joseph et Marie Dugas Park. Within the park is the 5 km hiking trail called the Piau's Walking Trail.

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Boot Island is the name of the small island located near the mouth of the Gaspereau River.

In 1969 the CFB Cornwallis Fire Department won the Grand Award for Fire Prevention in the Canadian Military Division over 80 other departments from Canada and the United States.

The original name of the Dominion Atlantic Railway was the Windsor to Annapolis Railway.

Buck McNair, a World War II fighter ace was born in Springfield, Annapolis County.

In 1780 an ice bridge across the river resisted the action of the tide, so that persons could cross and re-cross the river to and from Granville to Annapolis Royal for three days.

The first regular ferry crossing between the important seaport of Saint John and Nova Scotia's fertile Annapolis Valley was by the "Sally" in 1784.

Petroglyphs are simple drawings on stone left by early Mi’Kmaq

Not native to Nova Scotia, pheasants were introduced into the province from England.

Over 100 guides would pitch tents on Battery Point in Digby to take part in the Nova Scotia Guides Association competitions.

1922, August 31 the Berwick Register reports a three pound "Rome Beauty" apple, the largest apple ever grown on record.

People of legal drinking age had to obtain a "script" from the Doctor and get it filled at a local vendor to purchase their booze during the 1920's and 30's.

The Nova Scotia Hurricane of 1873 drifted south of Nova Scotia on August 26. It was a devastating hurricane that killed over 600. It destroyed over 1,200 boats and over 900 homes and businesses.

A popular Maritime saying is "Red sky at night - sailors delight; but red sky in morning - sailors take warning."

If someone is "flying off the handle" it means they are loosing their temper.

For many years the large, slow moving rodent, porcupines were a protected species in Nova Scotia.