A trip to Long Island.

by Ralph Sabean
(Annapolis Royal)

Balancing Rock

Balancing Rock

I remember seeing balancing rock many years ago on a trip I went on with family and a friend. I recollect there being wooden steps down part of the pathway and a wooden platform for viewing safely away from this precarious looking rock.

Why it has never fallen I guess I'll never know. We went to the Island and down the pathway leading to the Shores of the Bay of Fundy. It was a beautiful sunny day even though on the water there was some fog or steam rising from the water in the distance.

My son and his buddy went down over the rails and stood very near to the rock for a pose. They only stayed for a few seconds and then quickly climbed up and away from possible danger.I won't show the pose because today it might be embarassing to them.

I took a few pictures and then we left there and a couple miles further along the only road across the Island we found a place where we could drive to the shore. It was on the opposite side of the island from Balancing rock so we decided to have lunch there on the beach.

The shore was a shelf of granite rock jutting out into the bay so a very safe place to make a fire. We took many pictures and ate our lunch with the smell of the salt sea filling our lungs. The clean clean moist air away from the bustle and hustle of every day living was what made it all worth while.

Flying over the waters we would see cormorants, Sea Gulls, Coots, and even the odd seal would swim by. There was a heavy mass of rock weed,kelp,dulse, drift-wood and some of mans leavings in the way of cans,cigarette butts and empty packages of several kinds.

They were all amassed where the tremendous seas pounded them together in a two or three foot high rolls twisted and strecthed the entire length of this little cove. Man always leave their marks no matter where they visit and that is too bad. We are only here for such a little time why not leave it the same way we found it.

Thanks Ralph for sharing this story. I agree the trip to Digby Neck is a beautiful one, I go whenever I have a chance. Life is so peaceful there.

I also agree with you about the garbage that is found along the shore, it can sometimes be quite a eye-sore. Thankfully we are starting to realize this and at least once a year groups get together to help clean some of this garbage up. If we all do our part and put our trash where it goes then more people will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and we will help preserve our planet for our children and grandchildren.


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Sep 17, 2015
long island
by: Anonymous

Very interesting article. Keep writing

Sep 08, 2015
Walking for life
by: Ralph E Sabean

I have been walking to keep living for many years. With bad ankles and knees I suffer daily and more when I walk. Still I must try because it keeps the knee's ligaments flexible. For everyone who wants to keep a healthy heart and healthy body keep walking and if you run get the best foot ware you can afford. The jarring on joints that comes with running will be minimized if you have good shoes. I will if I have time in a few days try to make a page for Annapolis events.

Aug 19, 2015
Annapolis Area
by: Ralph E Sabean

I have lived In Annapolis and Digby Counties almost all my 66+ years. I have enjoyed and beauty of the valley as it hugs the Annapolis River winding along for many miles from Victoria Beach to Kentville. The beauty taken for granted so often with the winters cooling off the soil so it will abundantly spring forth in an array of frosty scenes. After the temporary grasp of winters vice like grip we soon will behold the warming days of spring.

All the seasons are so enjoyable we wonder why anyone would want to skip them and travel towards the equator. There the sun is up for twelve hours and down for twelve hours and there are little in the way of weather change. Everything is always green unless there is an extended period with no rain. It only takes a few days of rain and all is green again even then. We have the best of the best in all our seasons so people enjoy what you have and be happy.

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