Blue Beach Fossil Museum

The Entrance to the Blue Beach Fossil Museum, Nova Scotia

The Blue Beach Fossil Museum is in the works to become one of the most important facilities for geological research and the recovery of fossils. It is now recognized as a world class fossil site and the only place in the World that bodily remains of Tetrapods (four-legged animals) have been found from the very earliest part of the Carboniferous Period.

In The Beginning


The Western Kings Community Fair is held on Labour Day weekend at the fair grounds in Tremont, south of Greenwood. This fair is a celebration and promotion of agriculture in the area.

You can enjoy lots of entertainment, a Midway, Craft Fair, livestock shows and a Parade at the Berwick Gala Days during the Labour Day weekend. Berwick is located in Kings County and is located in the eastern part of the Annapolis Valley on the Cornwallis River. Take exit 15 off Highway 101.

The annual Bridgetown Ciderfest is a four day event held the third weekend in September celebrating the harvest of the apples. This great Annapolis Valley Festival is full of Parades, Competitions, Demonstrations, BBQs, Entertainment and Games for the whole family. Bridgetown is located in Annapolis County along the Annapolis River at the Head of the Tide.

The Granville Ferry Ice Caves are an unusual natural phenomenon that was a popular tourist attraction during the 1920's and 30's in the area.

Glooscap was the Mi'Kmaq's legendary God-man who was responsible for creating life and many of the land formations found in the Maritimes.

Apple drying is a big part of our heritage. Ever since the earliest days in the Annapolis Valley apple trees did well and produced an abundance of sweet tasting fruit.

The Middleton Salmon Fisherman is a story about an exceptional person who was the topic of conversation for many years in the little town of Middleton.

On April 24, 1895 Joshua Slocum sailed out of Boston, Massachusetts on a 3 year voyage around the world in his worthy sea craft “The Spray”.

Did you know that Injun Rocks or petroglyphs can be found deep in the woods of Kejimkujik National Park?

Digby Chicken, or Digby Chicks as it is better known in the Maritimes is dried herring and the term came from Digby, NS. back in 1783.

On December 8, 1911the 3-mast schooner “The Hibernia” built at Noel, NS was on route from Hantsport to the Barbados. Her trip went down in history as one of the bravest rescues ever.

For two hundred years a ferry the MV Kipawo ran between Wolfville, Kingsport and Parrsboro across the Minas Basin and Bay of Fundy.

In the Salmon River area of Digby County a man was born on January 24, 1908 who became known as Bigfoot.

The plaster pit is a rather comical story from the Kentville area that has been handed down over the years.

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