Charles Macdonald’s Concrete House Museum

The Concrete House Museum in Centreville, Annapolis Valley, NS.

A concrete house museum, now that is different! But at the same time it is amazing also! It was Charles Macdonald's dream that he made come true.

Charles Macdonald


Did you know that Injun Rocks or petroglyphs can be found deep in the woods of Kejimkujik National Park?

Digby Chicken, or Digby Chicks as it is better known in the Maritimes is dried herring and the term came from Digby, NS. back in 1783.

On December 8, 1911the 3-mast schooner “The Hibernia” built at Noel, NS was on route from Hantsport to the Barbados. Her trip went down in history as one of the bravest rescues ever.

For two hundred years a ferry the MV Kipawo ran between Wolfville, Kingsport and Parrsboro across the Minas Basin and Bay of Fundy.

In the Salmon River area of Digby County a man was born on January 24, 1908 who became known as Bigfoot.

The plaster pit is a rather comical story from the Kentville area that has been handed down over the years.

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