Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

The Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

TripAdvisor has announced that the Historic Gardens is the number one listing under "Things to Do in Nova Scotia" for 2011! This well respected travel site has picked the gardens over 158 other attractions found in Nova Scotia. The Gardens are #7 for the 2014 season.

Background Information

I continue on my way through two long curved beds of perennials, adding their splendid display of color. Soon I arrive at the garden's fountain. What a beautiful sight this is, set into large slate rocks and surrounded by impressive trees and shrubs.

From here it is only a short distance to the Governor's Garden. This garden represents the period between 1710 to 1749 when Annapolis Royal was capital of Nova Scotia.

The next heritage themed garden is the Victorian Garden consisting of curved beds that fit together into a pattern. Victorian gardens were popular in the late 1800's in Annapolis Royal.

Next we find the Knot Garden which is based on an English design published in 1638. These gardens are very interesting as they form geometrical patterns out of small hedge-like plants. This garden is shaded by a very large weeping elm.

Beside the Knot Garden is located the German Bakery & Garden Cafe, which is a great place to stop for a light lunch or special treat with a cool drink.

Make sure you visit the Gardens Interpretive Centre which is also located in this area by the restaurant. It has photo displays, information on Salt Marshes, an old Acadian log aboiteau, and other information on early Acadian life.

Beautiful colored blossoms at the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

This is only a small part of all that you will see at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. I only touched on the gardens found along the outside path; there are many other paths to follow, each with new sights.

These gardens provide a splendor of beauty no matter when you decide to visit them. All throughout the season they are ever hanging as different plants blossom and add their array of color and fragrance. I strongly recommend a visit to these wonderful Historic Gardens and see if you agree, they are among the best in Canada.

The Historic Gardens are open from mid May until mid October. Their hours are from 9am to 5pm in May, June, September and October and from 8am until dusk in July and August. Admission fees support the ongoing maintenance and operation of the Gardens – special family, senior and group rates are available. Season passes are also available and are very popular with the local population, for obvious reasons! During the off season and after hours the Gardens are accessible on an "admission by donation" basis.

To see more on the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens and verify their hours of operation and fees please visit their official web site: Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, or you can give them a call at for more information.

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Charles Fenerty, a lumberman's son from Sackville, Nova Scotia was the first to discover how to make paper from ground pulp.

In the summer we can't wait for a bowl of "Hodge Podge" which is made with all new vegetables from the garden.

People in the Grand Banks fishery industry are away from home for days or weeks at a time and are referred to as "Bankers".

April of 2003 saw the worst flooding on record in the Annapolis Valley. Heavy rains over a long period of time combined with spring thaw managed to knock out 47 bridges and 200 roads in Nova Scotia.

Sam Langford originally from Weymouth Falls was a Black Canadian boxing standout of the early part of the 20th century. He was known as the "Boston Bonecrusher," "Boston Terror" and, his most infamous nickname, the "Boston Tar Baby."

In 1924 hotels and homes received their supply of ice from horse and wagon teams, brought in from the lakes.

In the early 1800s the Gates family had a plant at Port George where they made their Doctor's Home Remedies

Although it is now worn down by millions of years of erosion, the North Mountain once towered higher than the Rocky Mountains.

A freak apple was discovered by Mr. Collins, Annapolis Royal in 1921 from one of his apple trees. The apple was clearly one half gravenstien and the other half deep red, the colour was perfectly marked from stalk to pit.

Before the Digby Scallop Days festival, Digby used to celebrate the Digby Fishermen's Regatta, started in 1911.

Horton Academy was established in Wolfville in 1828 and it was the forerunner of Acadia University.

Born in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia Abraham Gesner is responsible for inventing kerosene.

Despite 15-foot snow banks in 1953 migratory yellow grosbeaks have touched down at their old feeding grounds here.

The famous Nova Scotia schooner "the Bluenose" was featured on a blue 13 cent stamp in 1935.

Deported Acadians that ended up in Louisiana are often referred to as "Cajuns".

In 1923 traffic on Nova Scotian roads switch from driving on the left to the right hand side of the road.