My cemetery experience

by Denise J Rice
(Annapolis Royal, N.S.)


I've been working on a huge project on cemeteries in Annapolis County. I'm photographing all the headstones in their entirety. Hubby & I were in the Community cemetery in Round Hill last fall and found by accident a geocache box in a tree. We added our name, phone number and story too it.

Denise J Rice replies:

Thank you Denise for your story. I guess there are hidden geocaches all over the Annapolis Valley, you never know where you will find one.

I know all the geocacher's will appreciate that you left it there for others to find. It is fun to find these caches and read people's stories or see what has been left in them. Always remember if you remove something always add something new to replace it.

Denise mentions about her huge project on cemetery headstones. For those that do not know about her project, let me give you a little background.

There are several cemeteries all through the valley and province. A lot have been taking care of and even documented to an extent. But there are a lot of forgotten cemeteries that have been forgotten about and grown up, most times with no documentation. Denise has been not only photographing and documenting the known cemeteries, she has also been locating these old cemeteries, taking pictures and documenting the stones there and their locations.

This is all very valuable information for historians and genealogist. It is not always an easy job, and we are very fortunate to have Denise and a few others like her taking an interest in doing the field work. Without them a lot of this information would be lost, as so much has already been lost forever.

To see some of Denise's work check out her new Facebook page Cemeteries & Churches of Annapolis County - Keep watch for her new website coming soon.

Thanks Denise for your great work!

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