New Walk in Annapolis Royal

by Judy

Annapolis Shoreline

Annapolis Shoreline

I want to mention about a new short walking trail in Annapolis Royal which is great for a short walk. There is a small parking lot behind the Fire Hall and the trail starts from there. It will take you right along the water's edge and you get a great view of the Annapolis Causeway with the water rushing through the gates. Then it follows right along the water edge where you can see all the remains of the old wharfs when the tide is out. The trail ends at Lower St George Street where you turn around and go back, or continue walking up the street to the stop sign. At the stop sign turn left up the main road and then left again just before the Save Easy. The road behind the Safe Easy will take you behind it and right back to your car.

The trail is fixed up really good and it is an easy walk. There are some trees along the way for shade and they have put in a look off point with a bench for sitting on. Not a lot of people even know it is there yet. I have even seen seals swimming by while I was walking on it one day, that was so cool.

The walk is not very long, but it is a nice one. Of course you could always continue up the water's edge of Lower St. George Street and catch the Annapolis Boardwalk just past the wharf, behind Kings Theatre. Then you can walk right up to the Town Hall building, right beside Fort Anne.

The Boardwalk is always a great walk along the edge of the Annapolis River. They have a nice rest spot there also. There is also lots of Intrepretive Signs all along the whole way that tell you a lot of the history of Annapolis Royal. They are interesting to read.

When I am really energetic I continue my walk and follow the path around Fort Anne. This also looks over the river and the fort grounds. You can leave the path and head down the street back to the Fire Hall, or continue around and back down the Boardwalk again.

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