The Haunting Across The Royal Bank

by Tyrone Cromwell
(Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia)

I survived !!

I survived !!

The Haunting – True Story

Well, when I was 6 I lived in an old abandon house. It looked fine, blue apartment; It had a window on the side that was broken. Very creepy, it’s beside the Royal Bank, big blue house and it had a store underneath.

So first night… wasn’t too bad, didn’t hear nothing for probably a month heard absolutely nothing. Well, one night I was just about to fall asleep in the crystal moonlight & I heard footsteps in our hallway. I wasn’t scared at all; I thought it was just my mom. When I look up and I look in my closet… BAM! There is a guy, looking at me in my closet. I start to get a little scared, and then I start to blat. I didn’t know what to do! When he/she starts to come closer, I run to my mom’s room and stayed up praying and hoping that the guy wouldn’t come back.

When the next day came I was about to tell my mother everything that happened, but I didn’t I kept it all to myself.

Part 2; the Haunting

We went to a store one day, when I was walking down our stairs I got grabbed by the foot and got pulled then pushed down the stairs. When I got to the hospital, the doctor said he seen handprints on my legs. He said I got grabbed and pushed. My mother was puzzled; she said no one was upstairs when it happened. The doctor said he didn’t know. We just left and we got to the store, lol.

Part 3; the Haunting

One day I was outside with my cousin Sarah, and Chris. We wanted to do something hilarious, so we put a orange pylon in the middle of the road, and this guy with the big, green, jeep was speeding down towards the pylon and hit it. When we started to laugh something covered my mouth, I was scared, and I couldn’t breath. Chris was very confused, he thought I was just trolling, Sarah was laughing at me. She had no Idea that I couldn’t breathe. I blacked out. I woke up in my room… I was confused and frightened.

Part 4; the Haunting

So I was on my computer one day, trying to make a website and my computer shutdown… I didn’t think anything of it. So I turned it back on, it shut off again. But this time, when the screen was black I see my reflection, But… I seen someone else’s reflection as well they were also carrying a knife in their hand. When I turned around, nothing was there. The weird thing is, I was bleeding on my back.

Part 5; the Haunting

My mom was home alone once, I was on my way to my Nan’s at the time. My mom said she heard my toy trucks go down the hallway and she claims to see a little boy in the corner of her eyes. She looked over. She was VERY confused. She was very scared. No one was their, not even my toy trucks.

Part 6; the Haunting

When my mom found out a little bit more about the house, there was a couple and a little boy, and they got murdered in this house. As soon as my mother heard that. She packed up in 4 hours and left. There are a lot a lot of suspects to who saw it. Just promise me something.

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