The Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail

by Ralph Sabean
(Annapolis Royal,NS, Canada)

Close to Picnic area at Mickey Hill

Close to Picnic area at Mickey Hill

This little trail has some nice little gems to talk about. In the very first part of the trail is a suspension bridge which most kids like to swing back and forth on and there are a few places with steps going up over hard to trek places. This makes it easier for older folks like me to get around.

I think the suspension needed work the last time I was down but probably is fixed by now. I caught a few small mouth Bass when I fished there last year. This was fun and there are picnic tables near so you can have a lunch while you wait for fish to bite. The scenery is beautiful where tidal pools spew frothy foam and it makes up in calm spots around the still waters. In the early spring the waters gurgle, roar and trickle according to the weather.

The more the rain the faster the water flows until it roars over those same rocks it has been for a millennium of time. After fishing for a while you may want to go for a swim so you just need to go to the main trail and walk about a half mile and you will come to a nice beach and you can put on your trunks or bathing suit There are no changing rooms at the beach so it is better to change up at the parking lot where the bathrooms are.

On the lake there is a small islet where if you brought a rubber raft or canoe you can go out to and picnic for privacy. The beach also has room for a small fire pit so if you decide to cook something be sure the woods aren't closed for open fires. Take extra care to see that the fire doesn't spread off the beach and into the forested area all around.

Enjoy the beauty all around and be extra careful with everything around you so your children and grandchildren will enjoy what God gave us in trust to care for like it was our own.

Thank you Ralph for submitting this great article about the Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness Trail. You have covered some of the great features of the area nicely.

I love this trail and have taken it several times myself. Everytime seems to be a little different, especially during different season. I have not tried fishing there yet, but I often wondered about it, thanks for letting me know there are fish to be caught there.


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