Ghost Town In Annapolis Royal

The Ghost Guard the Sign for Ghost Town, Annapolis Royal, Annapolis Valley, NS

There are goblets and goblins and more at The Annapolis Royal Ghost Town! The whole town is full of them!


One of the most famous ghost stories in the area is the story of the Grey Lady of Stoney Beach. She was so named because of the drab grey cloak she wears.

The Banks House, or deGannes-Cosby House as we call it now is the oldest documented wooden structure in Nova Scotia built in 1708. It is only natural there would be a couple of ghost living there with the human occupants.

The Auburn Haunted House sat back off the road a bit, at the end of a winding driveway surrounded by trees. Do the new owners not see and hear the ghost that had taken over the place years before?”

The Royal Bank Ghost in Annapolis Royal is one of the most well known ghosts of our area. It is mentioned in several books of this area.

Skeletons at the Flat is a ghost story from the Bear River area. It happened many, many years ago.

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The ghost story about the Granville Ferry Horses takes place across the river from Annapolis Royal. It was back in the time of the tall ships when the story about the Granville Ferry Horses began.

The story about the Prophets Room takes place in one of the oldest and finest universities in Nova Scotia. Acadia University is located in Wolfville and was built in 1838.

The Battle of Bloody Creek is written up in several history books from the Annapolis Valley. However not all of them tell about the ghostly screams that were heard for years later at this spot.

There was a house in Thornes Cove that was said to be haunted. The doors in the house were said to rattle for no apparent reason and the latches would lift by themselves. At times the doors would open and close all by themselves.

The Vesta Pearl was said to be haunted and it was very hard to keep a crew. The vessel was sold to a Capt. Johnson from Port Wade, NS.