The Digby County Exhibition is an agricultural event held annually in Bear River starting on the last Wednesday of August. The exhibition goes on until Saturday with special events like Calf sorting and Truck and Tractor Pulls held on Sunday.
The Digby County Exhibition Grounds in the Annapolis Valley
The exhibition is coordinated by the Digby County Ex. Society who rents the grounds from the Bear River Agricultural Society. The exhibition grounds are located on the Riverview Road in Bear River and have recently undergone renovations.

When I was a teenager and had my horse I used to attend this exhibition and it was always one of the more fun exhibitions around. We used to enjoy the Gymkhana competitions especially full of fun races for us to compete in. Of course I was in 4-H also and was proud to show off my project, my horse and show what we could do.
Many Delicious Bake Goods Displayed at the Digby County Exhibition in the Annapolis Valley
The first Digby County Ex. was held in 1879, and except for a year or two has been held every year since. It was run by the Bear River Agricultural Society known then as the Hillsburg Agricultural Society. It used to be held in several different locations at first until Bear River Exhibition ground became its permanent home.

In 1970 the name officially became the Digby County Exhibition and the Digby County Exhibition Society was established under the Societies Act.
Light Horse Competitions are a Favorite at the Digby County Exhibition in the Annapolis Valley
Years ago, before the time of tractors and other heavy machinery all the farms were cleared and worked by farmers using ox or horse teams. By the time tractors were invented and became affordable for the small farmers a lot of the land had already been cleared and crops grown. A farmer's wealth was judged a lot of the time by how good his ox team or team of horses were. They were his livelihood.

Even though tractors do most of the hard work on the farms now, several people still love to keep oxen and horses and will use them for some chores. It is a real sense of pride when you have a good well-trained team.
There is Lots of Local Talent Displayed at the Digby County Exhibition
The Digby County Exhibition is an agricultural exhibition and most of the events that are held follow this theme. You can expect to see lots of oxen & horse pulls and shows, equestrian events, cattle shows and tractor events.

There are also craft and flower shows, cooking exhibits and judging of fruits & vegetables going on during the week. And of course there are lots of food vendors and special meals held along with great entertainment all week.

Wednesday is always 4-H day and it is full of displays, judging events shows and other 4-H activities.
Heavy Horse Pulls are a Favorite at the Digby County Exhibition in the Annapolis Valley

List of Events

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Supper served in the Dining Hall (every day)
  • 4-H Activities & Displays
  • Craft & Flower Exhibits
  • Cooking Exhibits
  • Fruits & Vegetable Exhibits
  • Judging Beef
  • Judging Draft Horses
  • Judging Oxen and Steers
    A Relaxing Scene at the Digby County Exhibition in the Annapolis Valley

  • Horse Pulls (all classes)
  • Oxen Pulls (all classes)
  • Steer Pull
  • Light Horse Shows & Competitions
  • Tractor Driving Competitions
  • Ladies Horse & Oxen Pulls
  • Light Horse Show-Gymkhana
  • Horse Log Yarding
  • Ox Log Yarding
  • Entertainment every evening
  • Canteen Facilities

Always Something Going on in the Show Ring at the Digby County Exhibition

Plan to take in the Digby County Exhibition this year, it is a great agricultural event. Keep watch for this year’s calendar of events and timings in the local papers and websites or call 902 467 3752.

Another Favorite are the Oxen at the Digby County Exhibition in the Annapolis Valley


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