From Away, no longer

by Ray Powers
(Trenton Ontario)

Our lot looking towards the Bay of Fundy

Our lot looking towards the Bay of Fundy

My wife and her family are from "the valley", I am from Ontario and in fact still live in the house we moved to when I was eight...everyone else moved away or past away...I have never lived anywhere else( I am now fifty-two), but my wife suggested we retire/relocate to the valley.

I am all for it...we bought her uncle's older house in Victoria beach and plan to sell everything within six years and rebuild the say we are excited would be to say the morning sun coming up over the Annapolis basin is kind of bright.

I was so happy to find your site...goes well with my "favorites" of the Digby Courier and other local papers...before I get there I plan on being from there...please don't let too many exciting things happen until then.

Ray Powers.....I was from away but now I am from here...

Annapolis Valley writes:

Welcome Ray Powers to the Annapolis Valley and to the Victoria Beach area! I think you made a great choice of a place to spend this exciting time of your life in. Victoria Beach is a beautiful little community and you are close to everything else the larger communities in the valley offer. What a fantastic view of the Digby Gut you have!

Now that you have told us about your plans "to sell everything within six years and rebuild the house...." maybe you would like to add comments to this post every once in-awhile to let us know how you are coming along with your move! There are several others who are thinking about doing the same thing as you are and they may be interested to read any hints or suggestions you may find while making your own move.

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Jan 20, 2015
by: Belinda

Just wanted to welcome you here. Since you have now lived in Nova Scotia for a few months, just wondering how you are liking it. I hope it has added up to your expectations. You are lucky as so far this year we have been having a easy winter.

Sep 09, 2014
Home soon
by: Ray Powers

Thirty six more days and I will be a "down homer"...I hope you are ready for me...bringing my wife too, I suppose I should since she really is from Nova Scotia and her family are in the valley...see you soon.

Mar 04, 2014
Early arrival ...,,six has turned into this year .
by: Ray Powets update

We will be homeward bound in the fall,house will be going up this June.we realize we wii be moving in with winter on the way but oh won't it be heavenly to be there for spring, Don,t be afraid to drive up the beach and see how it is going .

Aug 23, 2013
Home again
by: Anonymous

So we came down for a few days( even stayed an extra night). The weather was perfect every day...we explored both tourist spots and more secret spots... even picked out the cove I will go clamming in.....came home with a renewed energy to make our dream come true even sooner...

Jul 02, 2013
Up Date
by: Ray Powers

Even though we should put all our money on our mortgage, we just can't stay we are driving down to Victoria Beach for a few days the first week of August. I saw the property in December, now I would like to see what it looks like in summer. Besides we are both going to blow up with excitement if we don't do something to blow off steam, before the six year plan come to fruition. So if you drive down the beach ( Grandville rd) and see two people sitting in long grass looking over the Digby gut...they are not lost, they are just home a few years to early...

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